Raymond Gooch is a compassionate advisor who “gets it.”

He believes there is untapped potential at the core of every person.

With nearly 30 years in the recruiting industry, Raymond has seen more than his share of burned-out job-seekers, under-appreciated employees, and unfair pink slips.
It’s time to peel back the curtain of modern hiring practices and share with job-seekers everywhere the secrets to a job search that works.
Imagine a world where people go to work on Monday morning and it feels like Friday night.
Imagine a world where people don’t just settle for a “good” career, but they pursue their life’s work because they found their Dream Job.
Imagine a world where employers see the true value of their people, a value that goes beyond any job description.
“I believe you are worth more than your job description. If your standard for a good job is the number that follows the dollar sign on your paycheck, you've settled.” ~ Raymond Gooch

Shake off the grind. Mine the hidden job market. Find your Dream Job.

That’s the job search that works.

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