Welcome to the Job Search That Works Podcast. I’m  you host, Ray Gooch. We will answer your questions about how to navigate the challenges of looking for new job landing you quickly and safely into a career you love with a bright future.
In today’s episode, we are talking about  some things to consider when selecting a recruiter to assist you in your job search. Just how much should you rely on recruiter for the next step along your career path?


Highlights From the Previous Episode

But before we do, in our last show, episode 009, we talked about The impact that negative emotions can have on getting into your next position. We talked about being honest with yourself about your wounds, acknowledging the impact they have had on you and realizing that you have the ability to choose how to interpret the situation. It is a great session to help you move past those road blocks.. If you missed it, you can listen by going to JobSearchThatWorks.com/009.

On This Episode

I am interviewing Steve Darby, owner of Searchlight Career Consultants. Steve is a seasoned recruiter about utilizing recruiters throughout your career.

Contingency vs. Retained Recruiters

A recruiter will commonly withhold Information about the client company on the first conversation. Candidates need to be patient and understand that recruiters will initially be guarded until there is a clear understanding that candidate is a true match for the position.

Additionally, it is in the candidate’s best interest for the recruiter to take the time to understand the wants and needs of the candidate.

Networking, Social Media, and Database. We do not advertise in Job Boards. Recruiters have to deliver candidates that are happily employed rather than those that are actively applying on Job Boards.

Even when employers are running ads, a recruiter is thoroughly screening candidates and even surfacing passive candidates that employers will not find on a Job Board.

  • How a good recruiter finds candidates.
  • The greatest misconception candidates have about recruiters.
  • Reasons recruiters may not return your phone calls
  • How a good recruiter can keep an candidate from feeling like he or she is being used to earn a commission.
  • Why it can be a good idea for candidates to proactively contact recruiters to be represented.
  • A recruiter’s perspective on resumes.
  • Placement frequency using a recruiter.
  • Appropriate expectations for working with a recruiter.


We heard from a veteran recruiter about the best way to interact with recruiters. They are a valuable resource from a long term perspective when you are contacting them.  However, when they contact you, take the call.  You never know when something wonderful is about to happen.

Something to Think About

“When everything seem to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.” – Henry Ford   Thank you for joining me today, I really do appreciate it.   You can find the show notes at http://www.JobSearchThatWorks.com/010.

What Are Your Thoughts

Share with me any experiences you have had with recruiters. If you have any questions about working with recruiters, I’d be happy to get back with you. Share your thoughts in the comment section of today’s show notes.

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