"I just teach you to do what I have taught professional recruiters for nearly 30 years. No magic formula ... just a logical system that gets results."

-Raymond Gooch

"Your path is unique and so is your destination, but just take a look at what others have been able to accomplish."

– Raymond Gooch

"These are common sense solutions. Learn them and make them common practice."

– Raymond Gooch

Success Stories

How Aaron went from $10/hr to
$174,000/yr by mining the hidden job market.

Every step of the way, I put into practice what Raymond taught me. When I started Ray’s course in 2010, I was making $10/hour. But when I put into practice what he taught me about making connections, networking with the right people, and contacting the people who are really in charge of hiring at a company, I landed a $64,000/year position.
Exactly 1 year later, the company doubled my salary to $128,000. You see, one of the things Raymond taught me was how to go above and beyond on the job, but more importantly, how to show the company you are doing that.
I soon worked myself out of that role, and now I’m part of an IT consulting firm. Just to give you an idea of how well Raymond’s material worked for me, last year I made $174,000. Remember, just 4 years prior I was making 10 bucks an hour.

How Martina switched industries to a job she LOVES with the skills she already had.

Making a major career transition can be challenging, especially if one doesn’t have industry experience. Even though I was doing well as a scientist in academia, I wanted to transition to the biotech industry to see how my work was directly effecting patient health.

To prepare for making this leap I looked into different career coaching programs and online resources. I was impressed by the webinars offered by Raymond, so I decided to take one-on-one career coaching sessions with him. We started in June of 2013. My goal then was to find a position by November.
By September, I had my new career. In fact, I found my dream position!

Michael Transitioned from Manufacturing to Health IT

I am yet at the beginning of my career. I was hired with only what I’ve recently learned in that HIT Program, along with my own candid, effective way of communicating with a variety of people. As I express that, it was clearly Ray’s strategies that I needed to open that door (from manufacturing to technology), and feel secure with my progress.

I continue to practice what Ray has taught us, so that I can continue to be a contributor, and a competitor.

Matt learned how the hiring process really works and used it to his advantage.

When I used the new approach, I got my foot in the door for an interview. And a second interview. Then a third one. During these interviews, they were telling me all the different ways they would like to use me at the company. Eventually I was in front of three different managers at once. All of them had heard about me and wanted to talk to me about positions I hadn’t even applied for! In the end they asked me which position sounded best to me. I had my choice of the exact career path I wanted.

Negotiating skills give Nick the confidence to earn what he is worth.

My wife was 8 month pregnant, and taking the job meant losing my old insurance … I was able to negotiate an annual salary $7,000 higher than what they initially offered … I can talk to both the hiring managers and HR with confidence. I go into interviews and know exactly what they outcome will be … My salary is 2.5 more than what it once was.! And at no point did I go back to school or take college classes either … I truly, truly believe that if I hadn’t gone to Ray to get career coaching, I never would have been able to seize the opportunities for advancement. I would not have the career—or near the salary—that I do now. Now, I have people beating my door down to interview me and hire me.

Billy goes from hating his job to finding fulfilling work.

Before Raymond, I felt stuck. I hated my job. I wanted to feel like I was contributing something through my work, that I was making a big difference doing something for other people. Up to that point, my job search efforts were basically filling out all these long applications online, then never hearing back from anyone. But Raymond taught me how to do deep research that would allow me to personally grab the attention of the actual hiring manager. And then when you’ve got their attention, how to get your resume in front of them the right way. Now, I make really good money, I feel so fulfilled, and I even get to work from home—a perk I wasn’t expecting at all!


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