If you ever have a minute or two to scan Facebook during your lunch break or read the daily headlines on your mobile news app, you’ve probably heard of what they call “selfie sticks.”

Basically, you take a picture of yourself using, well…a stick…to get a “better” view of yourself on camera.

At least, that’s the idea.

Anyway, they make you look like a total dork. They get in other people’s way when you’re out in public. And they were just banned in Disneyland.

Yet I couldn’t be more proud of mine.

That’s right: your career guy has given into the trend. Maybe I should download Angry Birds and try out Instagram. Isn’t that what the cool kids do these days?

Anyway, here’s the grand photo I took with my selfie stick last week:

There’s me, in all my unabashed glory, with the collar of my jacket turned up like a total dweeb.

So, my point in taking you down this rabbit hole?

What you think you look like to others is not necessarily how you actually look.
Take resume writing, for example.

We spend hours writing down our tasks, responsibilities, and accomplishments. We give up reading a bedtime story to our kids just so we can fill out one more job application and attach that resume to it.

But then what happens?

9 times out of 10, no response.

If you’re like my students Aaron Slayback and Martina Felderman (and the others I’m about to introduce you to), “no response” is not good enough.

There has to be a better way to find a job you enjoy, one that challenges you (but does not make you sacrifice time with family and friends), and one that pays you what you’re truly worth.

As you learned in the 7 Steps to FINALLY Land an Interview video, there is a better way.

Don’t leave the fate of your career in the hands of a human resources manager who’s ticked off because the pop machine down the hall ran out of Diet Mountain Dew. (true story)

And don’t leave the fate of your career in the inbox of an intern who’s tasked with sorting through 100’s of resumes just like yours several times a day. He’s probably watching funny cat videos on YouTube in a separate browser window anyway, not even thinking twice about forever deleting job applications that just “don’t feel right.” (another true story)

If Aaron’s story of going from a $10/hour concrete truck job to a $174,000 salary inspired you…

If Martina’s case study of landing her ideal position on her very first career-change attempt motivated you…

And if career coaching that will light your path, step by step, directly to your own Dream Job seems like it’s worth having a conversation about…

I’d like to introduce you to Billy, Matt, and Nick.

All four are star students of mine. But more importantly, they took full control of their job searches to get where they wanted to be—without anyone else’s permission.

They refused to wait weeks on end for:

  • Someone to send a personalized response to an online job application
  • Someone to email back about a resume they sent in
  • Someone to call them in for an in-person interview

They knew the power of having a navigator on their flight towards their Dream Job, someone who had already charted the course for literally hundreds of other people in dozens of different industries to do the same.

In short, they wanted an insider who knew the ropes. While I am going to extend an invitation to you in a minute, this email is not about me.


So, let’s talk about Billy Cline, who was a field technician for the Ohio Lottery.

Like a lot of 9-to-5’ers, he hated his job. He felt stuck, like the work he did had very little positive impact on anyone beyond his own family.

Just look at Billy’s “before coaching” and “after coaching” experiences:

My former career was so unfulfilling. You just go into work, do your job, and go home to (hopefully) forget it. But now, I work with dozens of hospitals all over the state of Ohio. I project manage, oversee all of their electronic medical records, and help healthcare agencies adopt new software to make their jobs so much easier.

I make really good money, I feel so fulfilled, and I even get to work from home—a perk I wasn’t expecting at all!

How’d he get there?

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again.

He mined the hidden job market.

Here’s what Billy came to understand through our work together:

Raymond taught me how to do deep research that would allow me to personally grab the attention of the actual hiring manager. And then when you’ve got their attention, how to get your resume in front of them the right way.

I learned how to make my resume “jump out” at hiring managers compared to all the other resumes they receive.

If Billy had gone on scouring the job boards and blasting out resumes as he always had, would he have put himself in the position he is now?


We’ve talked about Matt Rebman before, a student who realized that every day he didn’t have a new job was a day he lost money he could never earn back:

Before Raymond’s course, I had been looking for a new job for 6 months. I was applying everywhere. But I felt like I was sending resumes into the void. That was really frustrating.

But with what Raymond taught me, I felt like I had something to contribute to hiring managers before I even met them. I knew the right way to answer questions during interviews, answers that would really impress them. But more importantly, I now knew what questions to ask them.

Taking what Raymond taught me, I went back to one company I had scoped out previously. When I approached them before I took Raymond’s course, nothing happened. But when I used the new approach, I got my foot in the door for an interview.

And a second interview. Then a third one. During these interviews, they were telling me all the different ways they would like to use me at the company. Eventually, I was in front of three different managers at once. All of them had heard about me and wanted to talk to me about positions I hadn’t even applied for! In the end, they asked me which position sounded best to me. I had my choice of the exact career path I wanted.


And then there’s Nick White, who I’ve had the pleasure of coaching for 9 years as he’s taken big leap after big leap up the career ladder:

When I was looking for a new career in 2006, I wasn’t at all prepared for the interview process. I wasn’t polished or articulate. I had very little confidence.

Then I went to Ray Gooch. That was one of the best decisions of my life. Everything he taught me back then still works today.

Since 2006, I have been applying Ray’s advice on negotiating tactfully, projecting confidence, and communicating my value to employers. My salary is 2.5 times more than what it once was! And at no point did I go back to school or take college classes, either.

THIS is why I do what I do—to help people live stories like these.

Whether you use my free resources like 7 Steps to FINALLY Land an Interview or my premium coaching services to get massive momentum to reach your dream job, it makes little difference to me. All I want to see are massive results for my readers and students.

And that means massive actions on the part of those I work with—different actions my students may never have even considered before.

I take on a limited number of people for one-on-one private career coaching. Since it’s such a time-consuming process, I only have 2 slots available this month.

For those who have the desire to take a job search fast track, these spots are open.

For example, if you’re fed up with:

  • Sending out resume after resume, rarely ever hearing back. The silence makes you wonder, “Is it just me?”
  • Knowing that your resume is just one of 100’s the company looks at. What’s it going to take to get noticed?
  • Feeling your family looking at you differently—not necessarily with disapproval, but with an attitude that says, “Gee, maybe she could try harder…”
  • Facing wave after wave of interviews, then getting your hopes up—only to find out many days later that someone else got the job
  • Getting measly job offers with salaries equal to—heck, or even less than—your old position

If you want your job search to finally get you:

  • An advocate on the inside of your dream company who says to HR, “Get him in here for an interview ASAP!” (like Matt had)
  • Interviews in which you’re the first-choice candidate before the interview even starts—you’ve put yourself on the radar of the right people, and it’s paid off! (like Nick did)
  • Hiring managers who brainstorm all the different ways they could graft you into their company—you get to take your pick of dream jobs! (like Martina had)
  • A salary at the high end of your range, plus the cornucopia of benefits your skill set and experience deserve—even if you’re going into a totally different industry
  • A supervisor who is truly grateful for everything you bring to the table—and regularly reminds the company purse strings-holder how valuable you are (like Aaron had)

Then 1 of these career coaching spots might be for you.

It’s a commitment—I want to emphasize that. And it’s not cheap.

Nick White didn’t land a $7,000 raise because he bought a job search book for $20.

Aaron Slayback didn’t find a shortcut to a 6-figure income by Googling for interview tips.

And Martina Felderman didn’t make a career change quickly—and totally stress-free—because she asked her cousin with the English degree to rewrite her resume.

These students had an awareness of what they really wanted out of their careers—as well as an awareness of what just wasn’t working.

Then, they committed to a tested, proven process to mine the hidden job market.

In short, they were all-in.

So for those 2 readers who are aware of what they really want in a job, are ready to commit to a new path—the job search that works—and are ready to go all-in…

These 2 spots are open.

Because I don’t believe in a hard-sell, “pitching” my readers, or being sleazy, this is the last time this month I am going to mention these 2 open career coaching spots.

There’s no way for me to know if this is the next logical step for you. Career coaching may be the thing you need right now, but maybe not.

But if you’re feeling like this is something worth looking in to, I invite you to send me an email and tell me your story by answering these 3 questions:

  • What has your job search looked like up to this point?
  • In what ways have Aaron’s, Martina’s, and the others’ stories inspired you?
  • What would get in the way of you going all-in and committing to the career coaching process?
If this opportunity isn’t for you, that’s okay. You’ll be getting a new batch of job search resources and a new podcast episode coming next week.

For example, if you’ve ever wondered how to virtually guarantee that your resume will make hiring managers’ eyebrows jump off their foreheads, my next post will be your early Christmas present.
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