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Career EXCELerator™

Career EXCELERATOR™ is Private Career Coaching that brings laser focus to your job search efforts. You are taught by our professional coaches the principles used by commissioned recruiters to uncover positions in the 80% of job openings that are never advertised. This service is not for the faint of heart. While the methods are extremely effective, they require a lot of organization and commitment. That is precisely why working with a coach is so important. Together you determine your goals and rely on each other to keep you on track to achieve those goals in a timely manner.

No more applying online and hoping!

Resume EXCELerator™

Resume EXCELERATOR™ is our resume creation and rewrite service that puts you on the fast tract to getting notices by hiring authorities and opens doors to interviews. Our professional coaches collaborate with you during the resume writing process to make certain that the product we deliver articulates your value and helps you stand out from among the sea of job seekers. Together you determine your goals and rely on each other to keep you on track to achieve those goals in a timely manner.

Your Career Coach on Periscope

Your career coach is on Periscope. Join Ray Monday thru Friday at 12:30 PM Eastern for 15 minutes of actionable career tips. Join in the conversation and share these free sessions with your friends and family.

Career Workshops

The career workshops vary in length and intensity from a two hour introductory session to an intense ten hour bootcamp over a two day period of time. You will learn the reasoning behind performing your search for a new position differently that you have heard taught. In both, you will be introduced to the Career Portal and the power to revolutionize your search efforts.

Not only will you learn the why, but the what and how as well. This is a great option for the budget conscious that would like to have private coaching but are willing to share the experience with others in a classroom setting.

Career Workshops
Career Webinar


Both live and pre-recorded events are available. Although the live events cost a little more, you get the benefit of hearing others challenges and solutions while being able to directly interact with the Career Coach hosting the webinar. This in an economical alternative to Private Coaching or traveling to attend a Career Workshop. You can participate from the comfort of your own home.

Regardless of the option you choose, you will walk away understanding the reason you have been struggling and how to correct it. Of course, each participant receives the unlimited benefit of the Career Portal as well.


Product Feature

The Career Portal is GUARANTEED to guide you throughout your entire career. Whether you are looking for a summer job, part-time employment or a full-time career – our Career Portal will provide you with amazing tools to help you. Some of these tools include:

• A FREE Resume Builder and Career Advisor
• Assessment Tools
• Access to over 1,000 Job Boards on ONE site
• Information on Educational Opportunities
• FREE Weekly Webinars on “Hot Topics” for Job Seekers (with time to answer your questions)
• A Resource Library filled with Audios, Videos and Articles

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Career Portal
Spectrum Career Contract and Direct Placement

Contract and Direct Recruiting

Spectrum Career is the parent of Job Search That Works. You are welcome to submit your resume for positions we may come across that would be a match for our client companies. While it is a great idea to stay in contact with three trusted recruiters within your profession, please keep in mind that recruiters do not find job for people … recruiters find people for jobs.

The best way to utilize a recruiting firm is to keep them posted of any promotions, new skill sets and updated resumes. You never know when they will take on a new client and the search of the recruiter’s database will suggest you as a potential candidate for the position. Amazing things happen when you least expect it. But remember, you will never win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket. Submit your resume today by clicking the “More Information” button below.

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