I am Michael Harris, and I am joyfully offering my testimonial of the outstanding services of Raymond Gooch.

For 21 years (until 2007), I worked in a factory. Though mechanical knowledge was required, I describe it as ”money for muscle”. That esteemed J-O-B paid well, but it was not a career make; and when it ended, I knew I would have to evolve into gaining “money for knowledge”. So, how do I accomplish that? What career do I pursue?

"J-O-B paid well, but it was not a career."

Sinclair’s Health IT Program was where I was lead. Amongst the other great instructors, Raymond Gooch was the stand out. Ray taught Job Search Training and Career Coaching.  Ray’s goal wasn’t to just help us get jobs, Ray’s goal was to teach us how to obtain the job, and grow successful careers.

Ray is a clear, relatable speaker (speaker/teacher/instructor/coach/leader/cool dude). He speaks with the knowledge and experience of his proven job finding, career building methods. With his greater ways of thinking, I was able to get my résumé in front of the right people, and exceed other well qualified candidates. Ray was my edge; I gained the job, and launched a career in Health Information Technology.

"I was able to get my résumé in front of the right people."

When I speak so highly of Ray, I am not speaking of him in a manner of ego. I’m speaking of how he created success for me, which was what I needed to improve. He displayed the value of networking, whether it’s electronic media, or effective speaking, forward thinking of résumé writing, along with effective ways of marketing my résumé; all of which are just part of what Ray can do with you.

What was most effective for me, is that Ray taught us the “how to” of what to do. With that, we learned, that with his teachings, our way of following his lead was still our individual, personal way of fulfilling the process of how to succeed.

"It was clearly Ray’s strategies that I needed to open that door."

I am yet at the beginning of my career. I was hired with only what I’ve recently learned in that HIT Program, along with my own candid, effective way of communicating with a variety of people. As I express that, it was clearly Ray’s strategies that I needed to open that door (from manufacturing to technology), and feel secure with my progress.

I continue to practice what Ray has taught us, so that I can continue to be a contributor, and a competitor.

I am grateful to you Ray.

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