I couldn’t find a job after getting my bachelor’s degree, so I signed up for a 7-week worker retraining program at the local community college. When Raymond Gooch came in to class, I didn’t think anything he taught would be different. In fact, I thought it would be pretty much worthless.

Every career “expert” my university had brought in just said really basic things like, ”Keep your resume to 1 page. Send a cover letter attached to your application.” I wasn’t seeing results from any of that advice. Not useful at all.

When I met Raymond, I wasn’t on board. But then he said, ”Take everything you’ve ever been taught about a job search, and ignore it. Every single bit of it.” That grabbed my attention because everything I’d ever been taught just didn’t work.

"Everything I’d ever been taught just didn’t work."

When it comes to a resume, I’d been told all these things about having a title, putting your name in a certain place, and so on. But Raymond showed me why that didn’t even matter. I didn’t even need to worry about that. A resume’s mission, Raymond showed me, is to communicate my accomplishments, not just talk about past jobs I’ve had.

Before Raymond’s course, I had been looking for a new job for 6 months. I was applying everywhere. But I felt like I was sending resumes into the void. That was really frustrating.

But with what Raymond taught me, I felt like I had something to contribute to hiring managers before I even met them. I knew the right way to answer questions during interviews, answers that would really impress them. But more importantly, I now knew what questions to ask them.

"... Before I took Raymond's course, nothing happened. ... when I used the new approach ... three different managers heard about me. ... they asked me which position sounded best to me."

Taking what Raymond taught me, I went back to one company I had scoped out previously. When I approached them before I took Raymond’s course, nothing happened. But when I used the new approach, I got my foot in the door for an interview.

And a second interview. Then a third one. During these interviews, they were telling me all the different ways they would like to use me at the company. Eventually I was in front of three different managers at once. All of them had heard about me and wanted to talk to me about positions I hadn’t even applied for! In the end they asked me which position sounded best to me. I had my choice of the exact career path I wanted.

Thanks to Raymond, I learned how the hiring process actually works, and how I can use that knowledge to my advantage. All my university did was tell me to write a resume, fill out applications, and hope for the best. Yeah, you could hop on Google and scan for free resources about your job search and how to write a cover letter or whatever, but Raymond is definitely your best bet.

"... Making a small investment in Raymond’s career coaching is the best thing to do—it’ll cut down the time it takes to find a better job ..."

Raymond is a totally honest guy. And he actually wanted to help me. He gave individualized, customized advice to everyone taking the course. I felt like the only reason he was there was to help all of us find jobs—and not just any jobs, but better ones that fit with our career goals and ambitions.

If you’re in the middle of a job search, every day you are out of work is a day you’re losing money. That’s why making a small investment in Raymond’s career coaching is the best thing to do—it’ll cut down the time it takes to find a better job, therefore cutting way down the money you’re losing by not having one.

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