Chances are, you’ve heard of the professional golfer Jack Nicklaus, the guy who won 18 major golf championships over a quarter-century.

But have you ever heard of a fella named Doug Sanders?

Probably not.

At the 1970 British Open Championship—the oldest golf tournament in the world, dating back to before the American Civil War—Doug Sanders was electrifying.

He dominated the golf course, showing even the seasoned pros how winning was done.

As he approached the 18th green, his golf ball sittin’ pretty near the flag, Doug knew the British Open trophy awaited his fingerprints.

A perfect end to a perfect day.

At least, a perfect day—up to that point.

All Doug needed to do to etch his name on the trophy and win the cash prize of his dreams was sink a 2 ½ foot putt.

A no-brainer. Easy as pie. A mere formality to lock up the win.

But when Doug hit the ball, it hit the lip of the cup…

…and kept going.

Doug Sanders missed 2 1/2 foot put to lose the 1970 British Open Championship

Seconds from victory, Doug slid himself riiiiight past his dreams into the doghouse of golf history.

Playing the first 17 ½ holes perfectly during the final round of professional golf’s biggest championship meant nothing when Doug’s ball divorced the edge of the hole on #18.

Today, we’re taking a frank look at what we’ll call the Doug Sanders job search (that almost worked).

Sorry, Doug.

A few days back, you read the stories of Aaron Slayback, Martina Felderman, Nick White, and others.

In the free video you received, Breach HR’s Brick Wall: 7 Steps to FINALLY Land an Interview (available in the linked post) , we covered the exact job search tactics my students use to hand-pick the companies they want to work for, scoot around Human Resources’ traditional job application route (aka, filing your resume in a stack with 100’s of others), and tactfully put themselves on the radar of the actual hiring managers.

No hounding people, mailing dozens of resumes, or tacky self-promotion required (like including tiny red hearts on your resume:

To get specific now, one of the final steps in the video has to do with (1) when to send your resume and (2) to whom.

Other job-seekers gunning for the positions you’re looking at are taking the traditional route—they fill out an application, (maybe) write up a cover letter, send in their resume, and pray to their deity of choice for a response.

It’s kooks like me who are fed-up with the horrifically low success rate of this traditional route who want to sound the wake-up alarm to anyone with an ear to hear.

That’s why I want to devote an entire day to exposing the 1 thing that can totally derail your chances of an interview—even if you’ve done everything else 100% right. It’s the job search equivalent of Doug Sanders’ 2 ½ foot missed putt.

It’s basic, it looks easy, it shouldn’t be a problem—

At the very heart of the Doug Sanders job search that almost worked sits The Resume:

  • The resume that makes hiring managers roll their eyes—“Who put this together, a 3rd grader for art class show-and-tell!?”
  • The resume that makes hiring managers dodge your follow-up phone calls, passing you off to their admin over and over.
  • The resume that makes hiring managers get a knot in their stomach—“I can’t believe I was going to bring this person in for an interview. They sounded so right for the job when I talked to them over the phone. Oh, well. . .”

In short, this is the resume that slides your job search trajectory right past the 18th hole called “an interview for your dream job.”

As a recruiter for nearly 30 years, I have seen more than my share of qualified, educated, experienced, and highly skilled job-seekers totally blow their chance at getting the job they deserved—all because of a resume that did absolutely zilch to show the hiring mangers how valuable they really were (and could be to the new company).

“Eh, I think we’ll have to pass on this one. Just file it away with all the others,” is the Standard Operating Procedure of a hiring manager who gets a not-good-enough resume on their desk.

And it churns my stomach.

I will do everything in my power to ensure that your resume is so well-written, so well-crafted, and so well-formatted that it will grab even the most hardened and crusty hiring manager’s attention.

That is why my FREE gift to you today is:

So that you can immediately craft your resume using the proven template that landed Aaron his 6-figure income and Nick the path to hop, skip, and jump his way to promotion after promotion, you’ll also receive instant access to “Resumes That Make Hiring Managers Wake Up and Pay Attention”.

  • Little known mistakes that appear on most resumes that cause them to be passed over.
  • Proper format for your resume to make sure your most important qualities get recognized.
  • The top 10 resume NO-no’s that can trigger an immediate rejection.
  • 3 fillable templates you can use right away that will eliminate a lot of the hassle of creating your resume.

The job search stakes are too high to let your shot at a grand-slam interview slide by—especially when you worked so hard on every single previous step.

I want you to be the Jack Nicklaus of job seekers—a superstar who rises to the top of every interview, of every performance review, and every opportunity for promotion.

Having a resume that works for you is the critical, often-overlooked key to making THAT your reality.

We’re going to be changing things up tomorrow with a short email—you’re going to receive an invitation to share your opinion in no-holds-barred fashion.

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