“I need a new job … but I hate interviews. I never know what to expect!”

“No matter how good I am for the job, iI feel like I’m under an interrogation lamp in an interview.”

“It’s so difficult getting to this point, I don’t want to screw it up!”

I’m Freaked Out About My Interview

Interviews are a great thing, right? Well you might not think so when the panic and paralysis set in.

  • How do I know what the interviewer will be looking for?
  • What do I need to do to prepare?
  • What type of interview will it be?
  • How should I dress?
  • Am I prepared for all the questions?
  • And, what questions should I ask?
  • How do I make sure to get a second interview?
  • What should I tell them when they ask how much money I am looking for?

Whoa! Chill Out … You’re Going To Do Just Fine

There is no wonder it is so easy to get stressed out about an interview. But take it easy on yourself. Nervousness is natural. As a general rule, the only people that don’t seem to get nervous are seasoned sales professionals and job hoppers. Both have plenty of experience in these types of situations.

In my years of helping thousands of candidates take the next step along their career path, I have found that …

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

The first “P” word is key. You can prepare “until the cows come home”, but if you lack the correct focus, all the preparation in the world won’t do you much good. You will simply miss your target because your aim is off.


Are You A Professional at Interviewing?

Not likely unless you are one of the sales people or job hoppers I mentioned earlier. You probably don’t interview for a living. And you certainly weren’t born properly prepared to interview.

That is precisely why getting guidance from a trusted source is so important. Uncle Fred, Aunt Sally or Cousin Vinny may have the best intentions in the world, but it is unlikely that they will have the specific experience and interview savvy you need to conduct an interview that will truly impress and give you an edge over your competition.

If you are in a position to hire a professional Career Coach, that would be the best possible thing you could do. Don’t be afraid to spend money on yourself. This is one of the most critical situations most of us face. It impacts your earning potential for years to come.

Besides, there is SO much benefit from working with a good Career Coach that you will rapidly find that your are merely trading dimes for dollars! Just think, if you get a job 6 weeks quicker, how much have you saved? On top of that, often, the career coach can help you get an extra $5-10 thousand dollars per year at offer time. That money isn’t just a one time shot, it continues every year you’re there. Now that really adds up!

Help Is On The Way

But I digress. We are talking about interview preparation. Sign up for my mailing list and receive my FREE Interview Prep Packet. It will provide you with some of the basics to get you through the interview feeling much more confident.

“I know that what he teaches actually works.”

Arron Slayback

“I received a job offer from my number one company and accepted immediately.”

Martina Felderman

“Raymond knows exactly what hiring managers look for … “

Billy Cline

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