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Think you are stuck doing the same job for the rest of your life? Think again. Discover the possibilities with a Career Interest Assessment! The results will help you discover work that includes the characteristics of things you already like to do. What? You say you have taken a Career Interest Assessment in the past? That’s quite alright. Career Interest Assessments will give you different results based on where you are along life’s journey. Chances are good that you don’t like the same things you did ten years ago. Heck, maybe you even learned to like Brussel sprouts. (I haven’t … but that’s me.)

Most people spend as much time on the job as they do with their families. You should do something that makes your heart sing. Invest some time taking a Career Interest Assessment to find out what is out there for you.

Find occupations that include things you really like to do. You will probably find yourself to be more fulfilled, and in all likelihood, you will be more productive too.

Can you imagine the impact having a job you enjoy would have on your personal life? How would it effect your immediate family or your friends? My wife and I really love what we do. We consider ourselves very fortunate, but it really didn’t come by luck. When Kathy was downsized several years ago, she took a career interest assessment to help her get some direction. She decided to go back to college for a degree in Occupational Therapy. She took a job in our local public schools helping special needs kids from preschool to high school navigate the daily challenges they face. One of her most satisfying roles is assisting her students in transitioning from school to work.

I guess we have this employment thing going on in our family. Can you tell? I get no greater satisfaction than to help someone make a positive step forward along their career path. It doesn’t matter whether it is a friend, family member or client, I love seeing people discover that they can break out of a mold that so often has been created by the expectations of our tribe. You deserve to an opportunity to do everything you can to find the things that make life enjoyable and incorporate as many of them as possible into your chosen field of endeavor.

With this in mind, I have provided a tool on this page to help you with that first step. Take the career interest assessment today. It’s a great place to start and it doesn’t cost you a single red cent … just a little of your time. Go ahead … you’re worth it.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tsu

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