A short time ago, I sent you a quick note about what you want to get out of Job Search That Works.

As in, what does your job search look like right now?

Well, today, I wanted to introduce you to someone who recently experienced a job search that worked.

I had the pleasure of coaching this young man on his journey, and it’s with great pride I introduce you to him now.


When I met Aaron Slayback, he was leaving a career in manual labor—and not by his own choice.

Such is life in a post-recession economy for so many of us, unfortunately.

But like you, Aaron wasn’t about to call it quits or laugh off people who wanted to help.

So when you read his own words, see yourself in his shoes:

  • The sinking feeling in your gut when 2 weeks go by and you get no responses from those online applications you filled out…
  • You stay up hours past midnight re-editing your resume so it’s juuuuust right for that new position that popped up on the job board…
  • Coming out of an interview feeling helpless, thinking you totally blew it and won’t get a callback…

Aaron went through every bit of that. Maybe you have, too.

But he didn’t stay there. And I don’t think you have to either.


Aaron’s story: from a concrete truck to a 6-figure income

When I met Raymond Gooch, I was starting all over in my career. I had been driving a concrete truck, but I’d recently lost my job. I went back to college for nursing, but it didn’t really fit me. So I switched pretty quick over to healthcare IT.

During the course Raymond taught, I learned all that soft skills stuff—from effective networking to connecting with people to helping others get ahead in their own careers.

He taught me how to find out who the actual hiring manager is at a company, then how to get ahold of them the right way.

When I started Ray’s course in 2010, I was making $10/hour. But when I put into practice what he taught me about making connections, networking with the right people, and contacting the people who are really in charge of hiring at a company, I landed a $64,000/year position.

Exactly 1 year later, the company doubled my salary to $128,000. You see, one of the things Raymond taught me was how to go above and beyond on the job, but more importantly, how to show the company you are doing that.

I soon worked myself out of that role, and now I’m part of an IT consulting firm. Just to give you an idea of how well Raymond’s material worked for me, last year I made $174,000. Remember, just 4 years prior I was making 10 bucks an hour.

If I could just go back to my college days and not do anything else in the program I was in, even skipping the certifications, I would skip every single bit of it—except Raymond’s course. Every single day in my career, I use literally EVERYTHING Ray taught me.

Did you notice something peculiar at the beginning of Aaron’s story?

“…how to find out who the actual hiring manager is at a company, then how to get ahold of them the right way…”

I could write a textbook—no, a series of textbooks—on just this loaded phrase.

If I told you that scouring job boards, scanning newspapers, and sending out resumes was an utter waste of your valuable job-search time, would you be offended?

Aaron sure would have been a few years ago.

But then he discovered how the hiring process actually works—and how it’s ridiculously stacked against job-seekers.

My nearly 30 years as a third-party recruiter showed me that people like Aaron ARE worth their 6-figure salaries—and then some!

But as sad and sick as it is, most people worth that kind of money never see it.

And that’s why Job Search That Works exists, to rally people like Aaron—and people like you—and light the way to the “hidden job market.”

Like I said, I spent 3 decades immersed in this hidden job market. In my experience, it wasn’t the smartest, most skilled, most educated, or even most experienced who landed their Dream Jobs.

Simply put, those lucky few were those who knew how to build rapport with a company’s real hiring managers (hint: it sure isn’t HR!) and how to craft a resume that makes those same hiring managers SCREAM, “We needed to hire this person yesterday!”

If you could relate to Aaron’s story in any way, and you want to learn more about how to mine the hidden job market that exists all around you right now, consider listening to the Job Search That Works Podcast – The Hidden Job Market and How You Can Find It

In the next post, you’ll be receiving a free video showing you how to get your resume to the very top of the hiring manager’s stack—step by step, with no step skipped.

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