When I met Raymond Gooch, I was starting all over in my career. I had been driving a concrete truck, but I’d recently lost my job. I went back to college for nursing, but it didn’t really fit me. So I switched pretty quick over to healthcare IT.

During the course Raymond taught, I learned all that soft skills stuff—from effective networking to connecting with people to helping others get ahead in their own careers.

Raymond was so open and outgoing. He commanded the class like no one I have ever seen. Ray went above and beyond what the curriculum required him to teach.

"He taught me was how to find out who the actual hiring manager is at a company, then how to get ahold of them the right way."

I know Raymond knows what he’s talking about because it actually works, based on my own personal experience. One little trick he taught me was how to find out who the actual hiring manager is at a company, then how to get ahold of them the right way.

By the time I went to special career events, Ray had taught me how to make the right connections. Out of all the courses I took when I went back to college, out of all the curriculum, and even of all the professors and instructors, I have used absolutely nothing. Not a single bit of it served a purpose for me. But with Raymond, I’ve put into practice every single thing he taught.

This meant everything to me. I was able to connect with the Chief Information Officer of a local hospital network, which led to exclusive training for the world’s premier healthcare IT system. Out of a group of 64 people the network was considering, I was 1 of 2 selected for this program. This took me into a whole new career. Since then, I’ve risen to the level of consultant.

"I was making $10/hour ... Raymond’s material worked for me, last year I made $174,000."

Every step of the way, I put into practice what Raymond taught me. When I started Ray’s course in 2010, I was making $10/hour. But when I put into practice what he taught me about making connections, networking with the right people, and contacting the people who are really in charge of hiring at a company, I landed a $64,000/year position.

Exactly 1 year later, the company doubled my salary to $128,000. You see, one of the things Raymond taught me was how to go above and beyond on the job, but more importantly, how to show the company you are doing that.

I soon worked myself out of that role, and now I’m part of an IT consulting firm. Just to give you an idea of how well Raymond’s material worked for me, last year I made $174,000. Remember, just 4 years prior I was making 10 bucks an hour.

Without Raymond, I know I wouldn’t be making anywhere near $174,000. To me, what he teaches is worth exactly that—$174,000 per year.

"I know that what he teaches actually works."

Everything Ray teaches is SO much more relevant than what you’d get in a typical college course or from a college professor. In fact, if I could just go back to my college days and not do anything else in the program I was in, even skipping the certifications, I would skip every single bit of it—except Raymond’s course. Again, I haven’t used a single thing I learned in any of the college courses I took. Not even once.

But every single day in my career, I use literally EVERYTHING Ray taught me. If he were teaching another course somewhere else, or even if it was the same course I went through, I would take it just because I know that what he teaches actually works.

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