Over the past few days, dozens of readers and listeners have been replying to my question, “What is 1 breakthrough you’d like to see in your career in the next 90 days or less?” Goodness, your answers were heart-breaking. Here’s a glimpse into the brutal battles job seekers like you are fighting in the job search war:

  • “I can’t get past the brick wall of HR, no matter what I do or who I talk to.”
  • “What’s wrong with me? I feel like I ace my interviews, but still no callbacks.”
  • “My wife thinks I’m a loser. I spent 5 years getting my degree, and so far, all we have to show for it are student loans we can’t pay back.”
  • “Honestly, I’d be okay with 3 minimum wage jobs if it meant I didn’t have to suffer through another wave of rejection letters.”

Not even the most experienced, educated, and skilled among us are immune to these struggles. Here are some actual screenshots of emails I’ve gotten over the past several days.

Bill V. said:

Karen C. said:

David M. said:

Rosanne P. said:

In my next post, you’re going to meet Martina, a student of mine who had nowhere to go in her career—even with an advanced degree and specialized training! Martina felt like her dream job was locked away in a vault she was prohibited from ever knowing the combination to. In my last post, you met Aaron, who went from driving a concrete truck for $10/hour to leaping his way up the career ladder to a $174,000 salary… …all without getting a degree, fighting a bloody battle with HR, or “paying his dues.” When I read emails like Bill’s and Karen’s, I couldn’t help but imagine what is going on “behind the scenes.”

What does an unsuccessful, disappointing job search cost you personally?

  • What is it costing your family when you work your butt off 50+ hours/week for only $30k/year when you really deserve a salary above $50,000?
  • What is it costing your health to be surrounded by co-workers who don’t “get it” and will smear your reputation just to land that coveted rare promotion?
  • What is it costing your dreams and life goals to give up on the search for your dream job—a position that, at this point, you may believe doesn’t even exist?

Another student of mine, Matt Rebman, had this to say about job searches that don’t work:

“Every day you haven’t found that new position, you’re losing money.”

As you read those “What is it costing” bullet points, perhaps your palms got clammy, your blood pressure increased, your heart rate soared… …and any last glimmers of hope you had for your own job search went down the toilet. But what about the Aaron’s of the world? Is there a special attribute they have that exempts them from the lonely walk of rejection after rejection by the powers-that-be who have a monopoly on hiring? What do they know that the rest of us don’t about the way the hiring process actually works? My 30 years as a recruiter have shown me clearly—YES, there is a special attribute, and there is special knowledge. But both of these are born out of a very special trait:


Open to a new way of doing things. Open to challenging the status quo. Open to trying new ideas that may seem counter-intuitive. And open to a worldview that says, “Hey, if I keep sending out resumes and doing interviews the way I always have, I’m going to keep getting what I’ve always gotten—very few responses, very few callbacks, and very few good offers.” And when you truly embrace such a perspective, you’ll realize that the company looking for someone to fill *your* dream job wants you as bad as you want them. If you’re open to experiencing this open-mindedness I’ve just described—and walking the path that people like Aaron have discovered—then I have something very special for you.


“Breach HR’s Brick Wall: 7 Steps to FINALLY Land an Interview”

It’s no secret that Human Resources gets a bad rap. While there are good people who work in HR, none of them call the shots when it comes to hiring. As you may have already experienced, many Human Resources departments have beastly filters that keep the very best, most qualified candidates from ever having contact with the hiring managers who are actually looking for them. It’s not fair, and it’s not right, but that’s just the way it works when you go the traditional job search route. Therefore, in this 4-minute video, you’ll discover proven, step by step techniques to:

  • Get your resume to the very top of the stack by including certain things—and leaving others out
  • Show future employers how hiring you will save and make them money
  • Gain access to the 80% of job openings that are NEVER advertised (the hidden job market)
  • Make Human Resources your ally at the right time, rather than be filtered out by their gatekeeper system
  • Submit an online application when it will actually get read—and land you an interview

Again, this is my 100% free gift to you. You have invested in yourself and your own career by reading this email. So, I wanted to help you take your job search to the next level—whether you’re unemployed, under-employed, or have a job that makes you go, “Meh.”

Keep an eye out for Martina’s story in my next post. You’ll find out what unconventional process she used to switch to an industry she had zero experience in—and how she found an equally stable and exciting career. By the way, from a “common sense” perspective, Martina didn’t have a chance. Oh, and English wasn’t her first language, either. Nevertheless, she landed her dream job in less than 90 days by completely circumventing the online job boards, newspaper postings, and the behemoth itself—HR. If you want to see the exact steps Martina used to mine the hidden job market, remember to check out my next post.

By the way, my goal when creating that free video was for it to be worth at least $1,000 to you. Please comment below and let me know whether you think I’ve succeeded. And I’d also like to know: what actions did you take to get that $1,000 worth of value from the video?
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