Knowing what to wear to an interview can really improve your chances of getting that new job. But if you make some common mistakes, you could be out of consideration before you answer the very first question. Your personal appearance doesn’t necessarily reflect who you are on the inside or guarantee you will get hired. However, being well groomed can keep the employer from being distracted by an unacceptable appearance and help them focus on the value you bring to their organization. That’s what really counts!

Highlights From the Previous Episode

In our last show, episode 012, we talked about the 13 rituals that will put your job search into overdrive. It was a continuation of episode 011 where we covered in detail the 20 steps to lay a solid foundation for your job search.. If you missed it, you can listen by going to

On This Episode

Today, were addressing how your image can really make or break your chances of getting that job you are interviewing for.

Let’s face it, we don’t interview every day. It’s difficult enough to prepare the right answers and now you have to worry about how to dress. We don’t even know the employer’s expectations. So let’s take the edge off and explore reasonable ways to present a professional image.

On the show, we are interviewing a professional that can give you tips from head to toe!

Cheryl Dougan, an Independent Senior Sales Director for one of the largest image consulting companies in the country will be sharing her insights into making a great first impression.

Let’s get started.

Since Cheryl gave us so many great image tips, I have listed the time stamps on the podcast where you can go directly to the ones that interest you most.


  • Attitude is the foundation of your image. (5:52)
  • Great Attitude (9:30)
  • Outer image is often a reflection of an inner attitude. (10:00)
  • Outer appearance. (10:30)
  • Hair (12:22)
  • Ear Hair and Nose Hair (12:50)
  • Facial Hair (13:15)
  • Cleanliness (13:50)
  • Makeup (13:58)
  • Clothing (14:18)
  • Colors (15:10)
  • Nails (16:25)
  • Shoes (16:45)
  • Jewelry (17:55)
  • Earrings – Men and Women (18:50)
  • Tattoos (21:16)
  • Dressing professionally on a tight budget (26:00)
  • Picking the right clothes to combine clothing for variety and stretch your wardrobe (28:30)
  • Matching Shoe/Accessories to clothing color. (30:05)
  • Fragrances (31:24)
  • Ask for an opinion about how you look for the interview. Especially if you are not sure. (32:36)
  • Grammar and language (34:05)
  • Let your voice mirror the person you are speaking with. (36:22)
  • Balk at the responsibilities of the job once you start the job. (37:30)
  • Desire for and willingness to do the job. (39:10)
  • Turn around an initial rejection. (40:15)
  • Make sure that what you are wearing and how you present yourself is removing potential barriers to getting hired. (22:30)

Assume that the company is conservative. You can’t go wrong showing some effort. Show that you really want the job, even if you are overdressed.

Cheryl Dougan
Independent Senior Sales Director


Well, we covered everything from attitude to image … head to toe as I promised. In fact, I time coded most of the points we discussed today, so you if you would like to find a particular topic you can fast forward to that spot in the show. Even with image and presentation being as important as it is, I want to go a little deeper and share a quote with you today.

Something to Ponder

“A beautiful person is not defined by a hair style, a pair of shoes, it’s not the logos on the T-shirt, the sport’s team on a hat, the designer’s name on a hand bag, or even how you smell. Instead, beauty lies in who you are when no one is watching, the person you are when there’s nothing to hide behind. No amount of concealer can cover up a cantankerous heart, but all the make-up in the world can’t add a single lumen to the brightness of a beautiful soul.”  ― Justin Young

Thank you for spending time with me today. I truly appreciate it.


What are your thoughts?

What questions do you have about your job search? Are there any particular challenges you are having difficulty with? Share your thoughts in the comment section of the show notes.

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