… Discover a Better Way to Find the Job You Have Been Looking For

Welcome to the Job Search That Works Podcast. I’m  you host, Ray Gooch. Over the next 30 – 40 minutes, we will answer your questions about how to navigate the challenges of looking for new job landing you quickly and safely into a career you love with a bright future. In today’s episode, we are talking about why Job Boards are such a frustrating way to look for a job and discover a much better way to find the job you have been looking for.

Highlights From the Previous Episode

But before we get to this weeks topic, in our last show, episode 003, we talked about Ten of the Ways to Look for a Job … and why I Really Like #10. In summary, Out of all the ways to look for a job, the least productive are

  • blanket mailing out resumes
  • responding to ads in professional or trade journals
  • responding to ads on Internet Job Sites.

 The most productive ways to find a job are

  • calling companies in the yellow pages
  • partnering with other job hunters, and
  • the most effective at 87% … taking inventory of yourself then targeting the employers where you ought to be working.

That last one is #10 on the list and the one I really like. If you missed it, you can listen by going to www.JobSearchThatWorks.com/003.

On This Episode

Why Looking for a Work on a Job Board Is So  Frustrating Let’s start by understanding a little about job boards.

  • According to the Palm Beach Daily News, CareerBuilder® spent $36.8 Million on Super Bowl Ads from 2002 – 2011
  • Job Boards sell Advertising – NOT Jobs
  • Candidate clicks convince Employers to Buy Advertising
  • CareerBuilder® reports that around 50% of all candidates applying through job postings online never hear back from the employer most likely due to applicant tracking systems screening them out. http://careerbuildercommunications.com/candidatebehavior/#sthash.KkXdQE6B.AWZGkbfq.dpbs

The DOL indicates that Eighty percent of all positions are filled without employer advertising. http://www.dol.gov/vets/programs/tap/tap3_4.pdf   Become a student of the game Understand the roles that individuals play in the hiring process:

  • Job Seeker
  • Career Counselor
  • Recruiter
  • Human Resources
  • Hiring Authority
  • Human Resources vs. Hiring Authority


  • Job Boards are in the business to sell advertising to companies and make a profit for their investors.
  • Applicant Tracking Systems screen out candidates whose resume and application don’t match the keywords in the job posting.
  •  You must become a student of the game.

Something to Ponder

“Those who trust to chance must abide by the results of chance. – Calvin Coolidge   Thank you for spending time with me today. I truly appreciate it.

What are your thoughts?

What has been your experience using job boards. Share your thoughts in the comment section of the show notes.

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